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Modification to federal rest rules on the horizon

Many truck drivers and drivers of other commercial vehicles in Washington are subject to what are officially called the Hours of Service Regulations, but which commonly get referred to as the federal rest rules. The goal of these regulations is to prevent fatigued truck driving by requiring truckers subject to these rules to take an extended rest period, 10 hours off duty, from time to time.

Mechanical failure sends truck crashing into Subway sandwich shop

Washington trucks that are intended to haul construction materials or debris, such as large dump trucks, are necessarily large and powerful. Stopping, such a vehicle in the event of a mechanical failure, can be difficult, if not impossible. A recent crash caused by a driver losing control of her dump truck illustrates the point.

Head-on crash kills driver on notorious stretch of SR 202

For the second time in less than a month, a stretch of State Road (SR) 202 near Sammamish has claimed a life in an automobile-truck accident. According to a state trooper who responded to reports of the most recent accident, this stretch of road is "kind of notorious." According to the trooper, the road in this area has several blind corners and narrow driving lanes, and accidents on this stretch are "not ever easy little fender-benders." The latest accident proves both points.

Truck accidents can have many different causes

An accident between a large truck and a passenger vehicle can be a deadly event. When an Edmonds resident is involved in a collision with a semi or other large commercial vehicle they may suffer serious injuries that impact the long-term quality of their life. Recovering from a truck accident can be a time consuming and expensive process and victims can decide to sue for their damages to aid them in their recovery pursuits.

Advocacy for victims of truck accidents

Vehicle accidents are common, but each one is unique. The individual set of circumstances that gave rise to the collision between two or more vehicles, as well as the injuries and losses suffered by the victims, may give it its own facts on which to proceed. When one of the vehicles involved in the crash was a large truck or other commercial vehicle, even more distinctive considerations may need to be made.

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