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Burns are a serious threat to personal injury victims' health

Most Washington residents have made the careless mistake of grabbing something hot when they were distracted. More than a few people have taken hold of pot handles only to remember that the dishes were just over heat. Those individuals may suffer pain on their palms and blisters that bother them for a few days, but, in general, those minor singes of their skin will heal and allow them to fully live their lives.

Not all burns are minor. In fact, burns can be catastrophic injuries that can disable individuals for the rest of their lives. It is important to understand how burns are classified and the problems that may develop as a result of burn occurrences.

Advocacy for victims of truck accidents

Vehicle accidents are common, but each one is unique. The individual set of circumstances that gave rise to the collision between two or more vehicles, as well as the injuries and losses suffered by the victims, may give it its own facts on which to proceed. When one of the vehicles involved in the crash was a large truck or other commercial vehicle, even more distinctive considerations may need to be made.

That is because large trucks and vehicles are often subject to different rules and regulations than other automobiles when they travel on Washington roads. Their drivers may be required to hold special licenses to drive them, and they may be subject to different speed limits and maneuvering limitations on the roads. There are regulations regarding how large trucks should be loaded and their cargos secured, and special safety steps that their drivers should take to ensure that they are not a danger to anyone with whom they share the roads.

What is "peripheral neuropathy"?

The human body is a complex set of systems that perform unique and life-sustaining functions. When one system is affected by illness or injury, Washington residents may feel its impact throughout their body. This fact is never truer than when individuals sustain damage to their system of nerves.

Nerves carry impulses throughout individuals' bodies. When the brain sends a message out for the body to move, breathe or engage in any other type of function, that signal is carried to its intended location by nerves. The spinal cord is a long set of nerves that connect the brain to the rest of the body and, when it is damaged through an injury-causing event, widespread problems can result.

Assault charges can carry different penalties and sanctions

Assault charges are very serious and can result in criminal convictions for Edmonds residents. A person who is charged with assault should understand that different penalties can occur in their case, depending upon the degree of the charge. There are significant differences between first, second and third degree assault charges.

First degree assault is the most serious charge that a person may face in this category of offenses. It is charged when a person intends to inflict great bodily harm on their alleged victim through the use of a firearm or deadly weapon, or when they expose them to a dangerous poison or substance. First degree assault may also be charged when a person is alleged to have actually inflicted great bodily harm on another person.

What are bike lanes and buffer zones?

Washington bicyclists have some of the most amazing scenery to witness and routes to ride when they are traveling along the roads of the state. They also, however, face many perils from vehicle drivers when those individuals fail to recognize bikes near them and put them in danger. In some locations, bicyclists may be able to seek refuge in bike lanes or may even see buffer zones. This post will briefly discuss these road features and how they may help to keep bike riders' safe.

Bike lanes are marked paths on existing roads where bicyclists should be able to ride without the encroachment of motor vehicles. This means that drivers should not operate their cars, trucks, and vans in bike lanes, nor should they cross the lines that divide riders from vehicles unless such action is legal and appropriate to do.

Teens and young adults most at risk to text and drive

Despite stricter laws and publicity campaigns, distracted driving is widely known to cause accidents and fatalities. In fact, approximately 3,500 people die each year in the United States as a result of distracted driving-related crashes.

A distraction for drivers can be anything–a meal, other passengers, the car’s radio. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), electronic distractions are the most dangerous. Sending a text from behind the wheel combines three dangerous factors–it takes your attention from driving, your hands off the wheel and your eyes off the road. If you send a text while traveling at 55 MPH, you cover the length of a football field in that five seconds. An accident can happen in less than one.

Legal status affects premises liability

When a person goes onto another person's land as a guest of some kind, the visitor can generally expect that the owner will provide them with a reasonably safe environment. Washington law provides that the owner has a duty of care to visitors. If the owner's carelessness leads to unsafe conditions, and the unsafe conditions lead to the visitor being injured, the owner can be held liable for the injured visitor's damages.

However, the law recognizes that not all visitors have the same legal status, and owners don't owe the same duty of care to every type of visitor. The law recognizes several categories of visitors, including invitees, social guests, licensees and trespassers.

Important steps to take following a car accident

A car accident can introduce confusion into the life of an Edmonds resident. They may find that in an instant they are left without a vehicle to drive, pain that they have never experienced before and the inability to do their job. Getting one's life back on track after a vehicle collision can be difficult without help.

That is why it can be a good idea to get in touch with a personal injury attorney after suffering losses in a roadway accident. An attorney can help a victim organize the facts of their case and assess if they have a good claim for the recovery of their damages. Once a victim has gotten treatment for their injuries and has collected important information about their crash, an attorney can be a strong legal advocate for a victim's rights.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

When the brain suffers an impact, penetration trauma or another serious contusion a traumatic brain injury may result. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild and remedy themselves over time, or a Washington victim may suffer the effects of a serious traumatic brain injury for the rest of their life. Although traumatic brain injuries can look different in different victims, this post will provide general information on what issues a traumatic brain injury victim may have to live with following their harm.

Traumatic brain injuries can have symptoms that impact the physical, mental, and sensory functioning of a person's body. On a physical level, a person's balance and coordination may be compromised or they may have pain, dizziness, or even a loss of consciousness. On a sensory level, a traumatic brain injury can cause a victim to suffer from blurred vision, light sensitivity, and ringing in the ears.

Individuals have a duty to keep their properties safe

After living in a home for a period of time, a Washington resident may come to understand the unique quirks and characteristics of their residence. They may know which steps squeak when they are stepped on, or they may know where the floor bows and is not level. They may learn how to safely walk through hallways that are dark or not to use particular faucets that only produce hot water.

Living with defects in one's home may become easy over time, but for a visitor to a new location learning all about the structure's problematic issues can be difficult. When a visitor goes to a friend's residence and is hurt due to a danger that is unknown to them, they may have rights to sue under premises liability law.

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