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Holding Dog Owners Accountable When Their Animal Bites

When a child or adult is bitten by a dog, he or she may require extensive emergency medical treatments to close wounds as well as additional corrective surgeries for scars and other forms of disfigurement. In the end, the physical and emotional trauma the victim experiences can lead to lifelong emotional traumas.

Whether you or your child was bitten by a dog, a knowledgeable lawyer can play an important role in helping you recover full and fair compensation. For years, injured people across Western Washington have placed their trust in the Law Office of James A. Conley. Based in Seattle, our personal injury attorney has meaningful experience helping dog bite victims and other accident victims get the financial resources they need for their medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

We Will Seek Compensation To Cover All Your Needs

While the size of a dog can have a profound impact on the extent of injuries a victim suffers, in most cases, injuries can be severe. Attacking dogs cause deep lacerations that can be catastrophic or life-altering and often require surgical interventions and the need for rehabilitation or physical therapy later on.

At the Law Office of James A. Conley, we will take the full extent of your injuries into consideration and how it will impact your life before we seek compensation from the at-fault dog owner’s insurance company. We will make sure a settlement takes care of all of your accident-related financial needs now and in the future.

We Can Help You Understand Washington’s Liability Laws

Under Washington law, dog owners are usually strictly liable for their dogs. This means that if you were bitten by a dog in public or on private property where you had permission to be on the premises, the dog owner is liable.

Our law firm will look closely at the facts of your case in order to build a powerful claim for damages. Prior to opening his firm, James A. Conley worked as an insurance defense lawyer. As a result, he has a sound understanding of the tactics insurance companies employ to minimize liability. By building a powerful case, we will give you the best chance of success in your case, whether it is resolved in settlement or trial.

Want to avoid costly mistakes? Mr. Conley is well-known for his straightforward communication style. He can make sure you understand your right to compensation under an insurance policy and help you avoid making costly mistakes when working with an insurance company.

Get The Compensation You Deserve — We Can Help

You shouldn’t have to suffer financial burden because of a dog owner’s negligence. You may be entitled to compensation, and we can help. We provide a free consultation and accept all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we are successful recovering compensation for your injuries.

To schedule a free consultation at our office in Seattle, call 425-510-7990 or contact us online, whichever is more convenient for you.