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Working To Hold Alcohol-Serving Establishments Accountable

In Washington, drinking and driving isn’t just a matter for the criminal courts, it’s something that can be addressed in the civil courts as well. That’s because the courts have held that establishments in Washington that serve alcohol to already intoxicated individuals can be held liable in drunk driving accidents.

If you or a loved one suffered serious or fatal injuries in a collision because a bar, restaurant, or another vendor negligently served alcohol to an obviously intoxicated patron, you may be entitled to compensation. By working with an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can ensure your focus remains on healing from your injuries, while your lawyer focuses on your financial recovery.

An Attorney You Can Trust To Get You What You Need

At the Law Office of James A. Conley, we know many drunk driving accidents result in injuries and fatalities to passengers, other drivers and pedestrians. To make sure our clients are pursuing the right course of action for their situation and are able to recover maximum compensation from all at-fault parties, we use our 28 years of experience to thoroughly investigate what happened, help our clients navigate the legal process, negotiate a fair settlement and get the resources they need to move beyond the accident.

Who May Be Liable For My Injuries?

When drunk driving accidents occur, Washington’s negligence laws allow accident victims to not only hold the at-fault driver accountable for a crash, but it also allows victims to hold the establishments who sold the alcohol liable. This may include:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Concert venues
  • Festivals and outdoor events

Dramshop Cases Require Skilled Representation

Dramshop cases are notoriously challenging because victims must be able to prove that the restaurant, bar or other vendor had reason to know that the person was too intoxicated when they served him or her additional alcohol. Employees and establishments aren’t always quick to admit culpability, which can make it difficult for victims to prove their case.

Additionally, Washington has a strict statute of limitations when pursuing a personal injury case in alcohol-related accident claims. Much like other personal injury claims, dramshop liability cases must be filed no later than three years after an injury-causing accident. Filing a claim after the three-year period has expired forfeits a plaintiffs rights to recover medical costs, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering compensation.

Our firm is uniquely positioned to help you work toward recovering the compensation you deserve. Attorney James A. Conley’s experience has given him extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of drunk driving claims. He knows what your rights are, what damages you may be entitled to and, most importantly, understands how to establish a strong legal strategy on your behalf.

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