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4 tips to stay safer while a vehicle accident is happening

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Car Accidents

During a car accident, time may seem to stand still. Many survivors say it felt like the events were unfolding in slow motion. What if you used that moment to improve your odds of emerging from the crash without injuries?

The following tips might help you do just that—avoid a worst-case injury scenario during a motor vehicle accident. Even if you never experience that time-stopping moment, these tips can teach you to act safely in a crash.

Judge and act

Slowing as much as possible can reduce the force of the collision, perhaps preventing severe injuries like head or spinal trauma. Other times, accelerating may take you out of harm’s way. Stay calm and assess the situation to determine the proper action.

Avoid knee-jerk reactions

A crisis often causes panic followed by knee-jerk reactions or overcompensation that feels right in the heat of the moment. For example, you might slam on the brakes or swerve dangerously to avoid an obstacle. Knee-jerk reactions could worsen the crash and increase your odds of physical harm.

Control your vehicle

With patience, you can train yourself to remain in control of your car or quickly regain control once it is lost. Remember the basics: steer into a skid, don’t brake until you have traction and keep your hands on the wheel.

Control your body

Try to keep your body in a normal and relatively relaxed position during the crash. That will help ensure your car’s safety features (airbag, seat belt, etc.) protect you from injuries. Hunching, ducking or tightening your body can increase your risk of severe harm.

Even when following these tips, you could still experience an accident that harms you. Knowledge of Washington accident and injury compensation laws can ensure your settlement is fair and addresses all your losses.

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