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What not to say to the other driver after an accident

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Car Accidents

When you are involved in a car accident, you need to make informed decisions from when it happens to have a solid case. Thus, you should be informed about what to do. While an accident can be confusing, calming down and taking the required next steps, if you can, is essential. Talking to the other driver to exchange personal and insurance information and take photos is one of the steps.

This guide discusses what you should not say to the other driver.

1. Do not apologize

After taking the needed information from the other driver, you should go back to your car to wait for the police and/or the ambulance. Although if you want, you can engage in small talk with them while waiting. However, do not apologize for the accident. This can be viewed as you accepting fault. You should only ask if they are okay and change the subject. 

2. Do not accept fault

Apologizing is a subtle way of admitting fault, but some drivers make the mistake of actually accepting blame. Even though you may want to be polite when the other driver is beating themselves up, stating you may also have made a mistake to make them feel better can significantly affect your ability to recover damages. 

3. Do not discuss your injuries

Another topic to avoid talking about with the other driver is injuries. Do not tell them that you only have minor injuries or don’t need medical attention. You can’t determine the degree of your injuries immediately after an accident. You may believe you are uninjured but medical professionals can find injuries.

What you say to the other driver is crucial to your claim. Experienced legal guidance can help to avoid jeopardizing the compensation you need.

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