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Crucial evidence in truck accident claims

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Blog, Truck Accidents

In Washington and throughout the country, commercial truck accidents are among the most dangerous types of motor vehicle collisions that can occur. Because of the much greater sizes and weights of large trucks compared to passenger vehicles, truck crashes are much likelier to result in devastating injuries and fatalities. Following a crash involving a large truck, collecting certain types of evidence is critical for preserving your ability to recover compensation.

Why gathering information quickly is important

Truck companies are required to carry liability insurance with high policy limits. Because of the potentially substantial sums of money that might be involved, insurance companies frequently send investigative teams to the scene of a truck collision as soon as they learn that the accidents have occurred. Similarly, it is important for truck accident victims to gather evidence as soon as possible after they have been injured in collisions caused by truck drivers.

What types of evidence should be gathered?

Right after a truck collision, people should call 911 to request help. They should then check themselves and others for injuries and provide help to anyone who needs it. If possible, truck accident victims should use their smartphones to photograph the damage to the truck and each involved vehicle, the broader motor vehicle accident scene, and other relevant details, including the road and weather conditions, tire skid marks, close intersections, traffic control devices, mile marker signs, and anything else that might have factored into the accident. Other types of evidence to collect include the following:

  • Names and contact information for witnesses
  • Police and accident reports
  • Data from electronic logging device/truck black box
  • Any alcohol/drug testing completed by the truck driver
  • Medical records related to treatment received

Gathering evidence immediately after a truck crash might help people to preserve their abilities to recover compensation. People might also want to retain experts to perform an accident reconstruction and help with investigating the case to identify all of the potentially liable parties.

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