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Why do many truck accidents occur?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Truck Accidents

The large number of tractor-trailers and commercial trucks on U.S. roads shows how vital the commercial transit industry is. Washington residents might not think much about the trucks on local roads and highways since so many of these vehicles travel to their destinations without trouble. However, some trucks find themselves involved in deadly collisions. Certain factors tend to appear repeatedly when looking at the reasons for truck crashes in Washington and elsewhere.

The serious nature of truck collisions

It’s reasonable for drivers to feel concerned about the presence of semi-trucks on the road. The year 2017 saw roughly 5,000 deaths in the United States that resulted from truck accidents. Truck drivers are not responsible for every collision, and thousands of motor vehicle accidents occur without the involvement of trucks, but trucks could cause more harm in a crash due to their size and mass.

Truck accidents and the dangers

Trucks require a significant braking distance to come to a stop, so drivers who don’t monitor their braking distance or follow other vehicles too closely could cause an accident. Not properly maintaining a truck or overloading or poorly securing the cargo could lead to injuries as well. Some trucks shouldn’t be on the road, but transit companies may take risks.

Driver fatigue or intoxication may lead to truck crashes. Even the presence of a truck in the left-hand lane presents some concerns, which is why state laws often place restrictions on tractor-trailers and their presence in these lanes. A slow-moving truck could prompt other vehicles to pass on the right, potentially increasing the chances of accidents.

After a truck accident, an attorney may help someone who was injured in the crash. The attorney might explore third-party negligence suits along with filing a claim against the truck driver.

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