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One thing car users can do to improve two-wheeled safety

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

Cab drivers often warn passengers to be careful when getting out. It’s in their interest to deliver their clients safely to their destinations.

Yet, many who travel on four wheels can be slack about how they exit their vehicles. They do not look properly, which can endanger themselves and others.

Those on two wheels are at the greatest risk of injury

If someone flings open their car door without checking if it is safe to do so, a cyclist or motorcyclist could be seriously injured or, in extreme cases, die.

Dooring, as knocking someone off their bike with your car door is known, is entirely avoidable. All it takes is for car users to change how they open their doors to use the Dutch Reach.

This technique requires you to open the door with the other hand to normal

Instead of using the hand nearest the door, use the one furthest away (the one toward the center of the car). In order to reach the door handle with this hand, you must reach around. This puts your body in a better position to see behind you, making it easy to notice whether anything is coming, in which case you can wait until they pass before opening.

It’s a simple step, and some states are now teaching it in their driver training. Yet, many people have never heard of it and continue opening their vehicle doors with their outer hand, unaware of the dangers it could cause.

If a careless car user knocks you from your bike with their door, seek legal help to hold them responsible for your costs.


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