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3 types of passengers that can be dangerously distracting

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Car Accidents

Most people will take others in the car with them at some point. That’s a good thing, as it is far more efficient than everyone traveling one to a vehicle.

The problem is that sometimes the passengers can prove a dangerous distraction. Many drivers have trouble focusing on the road at the best of times, and having others in the vehicle can make that even harder for them.

Here are three particularly problematic passengers:

#1 Young children

Only a parent with a heart of ice can ignore the gentle sobs of a young child wanting their attention. Even if they can, the child might try other tactics, such as screaming at the top of their lungs.

#2 Drunken friends

Being a designated driver for a night out can be hard work, especially on the way home if some passengers are drunk. The ones that pass out on the rear seat are fine. It’s the ones that get rowdy, constantly reach over to turn up the music or try to turn your car into an extension of the party you need to worry about. Their drunken lack of awareness and common sense could get in the way of you driving.

#3 Family pets

Whether it’s a lively dog desperate to stick its head out of the window or a scared cat crawling all over your shoulders, pets can be a massive distraction. If left to roam free, they could also cause serious injury if thrown against you in a crash. Securing them is the only safe option for them and you.

If you are in a collision with someone carrying passengers, consider if the passengers somehow distracted the driver. Getting legal help to show they did could help you get the compensation you need.


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