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When driving through the mountains, remember “safety first”

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Car Accidents

Driving up and down the mountain passes is a common occurrence for many local residents, but it’s something that’s dangerous for everyone. Whether you take these mountain roads daily or only traverse them periodically, you need to brush up on driving safety tips that can help you reach your destination without incident. 

You have to count on yourself, as well as other drivers, to operate vehicles safely on these roads. Even one negligent driver can cause a crash that might be serious or fatal. Anyone who’s driving on these roads should remember these points. 

Follow posted signage

Signs along the roadway will tell you if a lower speed limit is needed around curves or other areas. There will also be signs to tell you about steep ascents or descents. Pay attention to these so you can drive safely as you’re going up or down the mountain. 

Pay attention to your vehicle

Going up a steep mountain pass can cause the engine to overheat. Going down a steep mountain pass can cause problems with the vehicle’s brakes. A disabled vehicle is incredibly dangerous on these roads because other drivers might not see it in time to avoid it. If you’re having issues with your vehicle, pull over in a safe place to address the problems.

Accidents on mountain roads can lead to catastrophic injuries. If another driver strikes your vehicle, you should ensure you take the proper steps. Your priority must be getting the medical care you need. Once you do that, you can turn your focus to seeking compensation for the financial damages you’ve suffered. 

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