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Should you brace or relax during a rear-end car accident?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Car Accidents

Most rear-end car accidents in Edmonds, Washington, lead to severe or catastrophic injuries, including neck trauma and spinal cord damage. You can file an insurance claim to address these injuries, but most agree that, when possible, it is better to avoid an injury.

You may know that maintaining good body posture can help keep your body aligned and healthy. Having the proper body posture when a car strikes you from behind can also prevent injuries in many situations.

What should you do with your body when a crash is happening?

Many people think that relaxing the body is the best way to avoid or prevent severe injuries. For example, some believe the myth that drunk drivers rarely suffer crash injuries because the alcohol in their system relaxes the body.

On the other hand, doctors and chiropractors recommend bracing while a rear-end car accident is in progress. Four recommended bracing techniques include:

  1. Press your head back against the headrest. Why? Because reducing the distance between the padding and your head minimizes the risk of injury.
  2. Press your back firmly into the seat while braking. Why? Stabilizing your back reduces the odds of a back or neck injury.
  3. Without leaning, keep your head in a forward-facing position. Why? If your head is turned or tilted, you have an increased risk of suffering spinal injuries.
  4. Tense every muscle in your body. Why? Tensed muscles protect nerves, spine discs and ligaments during a car accident.

Bracing for an imminent collision might not prevent all car accident injuries, but it may spare you some of the most severe harm. In turn, less severe injuries can make for a smoother insurance claim. Learning more about accident and injury compensation in Washington State can also help.

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