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Right now is a dangerous time to walk on public roads

Most people know that walking is good for their health. In fact, experts recommend this low-impact form of exercise to almost everyone, regardless of their age and fitness level.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise and an environmentally-friendly form of transportation. It is also free, compared with riding in a vehicle which can cost hundreds of dollars a month. However, the major downside to walking as a form of transportation is that it increases your risk of a potentially deadly accident.

Statistically, your risk for a pedestrian accident is higher now than it has been in recent history.

What do crash statistics show?

Researchers track traffic collisions as a way to protect the public. When they notice changes in traffic collision data, they can suggest policy changes to reflect those shifting risks. In general, motor vehicle collisions have declined in recent years, although the last few have seen an uptick countering the general downward trend of the preceding decade.

However, at the same time, pedestrian fatalities have spiked, rising roughly 46% in just ten years. Currently, there are no major efforts underway to protect pedestrians despite the surge in risk.

What protects pedestrians?

If you get hurt in a crash caused by a driver when you are out walking, the insurance carried by that driver will often help reimburse you. Their coverage can pay for your medical expenses and also for wages you cannot earn because you are unable to work.

Sadly, pedestrian crashes often cause severe injuries that can cost far more than what insurance will cover. Those seriously hurt as a pedestrian may need to file a civil lawsuit instead of just an insurance claim. Knowing your risks for a pedestrian crash and your rights after one can help you better stand up for yourself.

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