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Supply chain disruptions can affect winter driving

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

The ongoing disruptions to the supply chain of goods entering the United States continue to reverberate across many industries. Now, with winter fully upon us, drivers face tire shortages because those made in Asian markets remain stuck in the throng of goods unable to gain entry to West Coast ports.

This poses particular safety problems, as the winter of 2022 has already claimed lives in highway pileups across the nation.

Lack of quality tires can contribute to accidents

While Edmonds faces few of the snow- and ice-related problems of the Midwestern and Northeastern states, bad tires can cause accidents no matter what the weather conditions may be. Having to wait longer to replace bald tires and being forced to pay higher prices can contribute to the dangers consumers face while driving on the roads here in Washington.

Not checking tire treads regularly is also a hazard

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorists should inspect the tread on their tires and look for other defects at least once a month to be safe when driving. But inspections cannot solve supply-chain problems regarding the tire shortage currently affecting the United States.

Were you injured in an accident due to bad tires?

If you suffered injuries in a wreck with an at-fault driver, it is possible that the condition of their tires contributed to the accident. Having good tires that grip the road securely allows cars and trucks to stop abruptly and avoid many accidents. 

An accident can cause its own chain reaction of problems that disrupt your life. Holding drivers liable for the damage they wreak from their negligence begins with filing a claim for damages.

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