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Protecting yourself as a pedestrian

If your car goes to the repair shop, you might find yourself walking more than usual. Changing your way of thinking from that of a driver to that of a pedestrian can be challenging. 

You are far more vulnerable as a pedestrian. You do not have any metal or airbags between you and another driver’s vehicle. If they make a mistake, you could feel the full force, with catastrophic consequences. So while drivers should watch out for you, you also need to look out for yourself.

Safety tips to use when you need to walk

If you choose to walk, protect yourself with the following safety tips:

  • Cross streets at the crosswalks
  • Use the sidewalk or path rather than walking in the street
  • Face oncoming traffic if a sidewalk is not available 
  • Make yourself more visible on dark roads with light-colored clothing or a flashlight 
  • Take extra care if you have been drinking
  • Do not use earbuds as they can prevent you from hearing vehicles

What can you do if a car hits you?

If a car hits you, you need to file a personal injury claim against the driver’s insurer. The payout could cover your medical expenses, lost earnings and pain and suffering. Despite your obvious need for adequate compensation, the insurance company may try to settle your claim with a low offer. One trick they use is to contact you soon after the accident before you have realized how much you will need. That is why you should not deal with an insurer alone.


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