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Pedestrians face unique challenges in winter

The winter months are cold and wet in Washington, so pedestrians have to take a host of factors into account before they step outside. It’s imperative that they do what they can to remain safe despite the weather. 

One thing that all pedestrians have to think about during the winter is how the road conditions will impact drivers. While it’s not necessarily the pedestrian’s duty to watch for vehicles as they walk around, doing what they can to remain safe is important. 

Pause before stepping off the curb

If you’re going to cross the street, be sure that you only cross at intersections or in crosswalks. Even if you’re at one of those, you must look both ways to see if traffic is coming. Take a moment to make eye contact with drivers who are heading toward you. It’s a good idea to wait until a vehicle has stopped to start crossing the street. 

Pay attention to your surroundings

If you wear earbuds, only use one instead of two so you can hear what’s going on around you. Don’t get so focused on a phone that you aren’t watching around you. There’s a chance that you might slip and fall on ice. In some cases, that could mean a tumble off the curb. 

Any pedestrian who’s struck by a vehicle should ensure that they get the medical care they need for their injuries. If the incident was related to negligence on behalf of the driver, you may opt to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. Washington law limits the time you have to do this, so be sure to get your claim in quickly.  

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