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Types and causes of spinal fractures

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

Spinal fractures most often come as the result of trauma, which typically occurs from a motor vehicle accident, fall, sports injury or violence. Washington drivers may find it beneficial to learn about the types of spinal fractures and the most common causes of injury in a car crash.

The types of spinal fractures

Car accidents serve as one of the most common causes of spinal fractures. When a person fractures their spine, they could have various symptoms. Depending on the type of fracture, a person may experience weakness, numbness or pain radiating in their arms and legs. Victims often report difficulty with walking or moving. They may also experience paralysis or problems with controlling bodily functions.

A compression fracture occurs when the vertebrae become compacted. These fractures prove painful, but the bones don’t usually move out of place. Burst fractures occur when the vertebrae lose some of their height and typically occur most commonly with motor vehicle accidents. A chance fracture results from the forward flexion and distraction of the spine. Most commonly, this kind of fracture results from failure to use a seat belt with a shoulder restraint. The final common type of fracture is fracture-dislocation. These very serious injures occur when a vertebra moves off an adjacent vertebra. All of these injuries take time and proper rehabilitation during the recovery process.

Getting help for medical bills and care

Any individual who experiences a spinal fracture as the result of a car accident needs to get medical care immediately. Long-term physical therapy may follow, which can get expensive. If a car accident victim needs help pursuing compensation for their medical bills, their attorney may take care of the legal work while the injured individual can concentrate on recovery.

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