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Truck speeding simply isn’t worth it

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Blog, Truck Accidents

Many of the products that consumers buy in the state of Washington are brought in by trucks. Trucking companies are constantly in high demand of delivering more goods each day. This leaves drivers pressured to speed to help get products delivered faster and deliver more products while they’re on duty.

The risks of speeding

Commercial truck accidents can be some of the most dangerous accidents on the highway. Due to the size of a semi-truck in comparison to other motor vehicles on the roadway, it’s easy to see why these accidents can be so dangerous. When trucks are driving at a high rate of speed, they’re more likely to cause damage during the accident. Early statistics are showing that the estimated rate of death due to car accidents increased 24% in 2020. This is the highest increase per year that the nation has seen in over 96 years.

Speeding can wreak havoc on a truck

Apart from increasing the risk of being involved in a fatal accident, speeding can also be very hard on the truck. Most trucks are designed to run in the 65-to-75-mph range. When drivers go above this speed, it makes their tires overheat and deteriorate even faster. In addition, the fuel efficiency of the truck steadily decreases as a driver exceeds 60 miles per hour. Both of these problems can cut into the driver’s profit for delivering the product.

While speeding may seem like an easy solution for drivers to get to their destination quicker, it comes at a high cost. It’s best for drivers to stick within the posted speed limit to help reduce wear and tear on their truck, decrease the risk of being involved in a fatal accident and avoid personal injury lawsuits.

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