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Washington woman struck and killed by boyfriend’s pickup truck

Police have charged a 39-year-old Washington man with vehicular homicide in connection with a pedestrian accident in Spokane on the afternoon of Jan. 10 that claimed the life of his girlfriend. The accident took place on North Cincinnati Street in the vicinity of Olympic Avenue at approximately 5:00 p.m. According to court papers, the man’s bail has been set at $5,000. He is being held at the Spokane County Jail.

Romantic relationship

The 40-year-old woman struck by the man’s pickup truck succumbed to her injuries at the accident scene despite the emergency workers’ attempts to revive her. Police later learned that she had been involved in a romantic relationship with the man. Police say the man remained at the scene and helped them with their inquiries. They suspected that he was under the influence when they detected the odor of liquor on his breath.

Argument turns physical

The man told police that the accident happened after he and his girlfriend got into an argument following a trip to a shooting range. He said the argument became physical when the woman stuck him on the head with a bottle. The man admits to pulling away from his girlfriend’s house even though she was holding onto his pickup truck. She died from injuries she received when she slipped underneath the vehicle.

Pedestrian accident lawsuits

Proving negligence in court may be less challenging when police reports reveal that drivers were intoxicated, speeding or distracted when they struck pedestrians. This is why experienced personal injury attorneys may study accident investigation and arrest reports carefully before filing pedestrian accident lawsuits. Attorneys could also seek to gather evidence by visiting the scene to check for surveillance cameras that could have recorded the accident and witnesses who the police may have missed.

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