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The good and bad of driver-assistance systems

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Car Accidents

Advanced driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, can prevent many car collisions, but perhaps you’re not so sure about the benefits. It could be that the accident that you were involved in here in Washington is somehow related to the use or abuse of ADAS. You know first-hand, then, that these features can be a mixed blessing.

Benefits of ADAS widely analyzed

ADAS tech works by detecting anything or anyone with whom the car might collide. With features like forward and rear collision warning, blind-spot detection and pedestrian detection, drivers can be alerted to their presence, allowing for just enough time to brake. If drivers do not brake in time, the automatic emergency braking will take over for them. In addition, ADAS can come with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

The rate at which ADAS vehicles are involved in a bodily injury claim is 27% lower than it is for other vehicles according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. For property damage claims, it’s 19% lower. Individual ADAS features have a positive impact, too. Blind-spot detection, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says, reduces crash involvement rate by 14%.

Some safety concerns remain

Several drawbacks pose a concern, though. The ADAS cameras and sensors may, for example, mistakenly interpret a car going alongside the vehicle as an oncoming car and apply the automatic emergency braking. Also, drivers who think that ADAS can replace them at the wheel put themselves and others in danger by letting themselves be distracted.

High cost is another obstacle for many, especially when auto insurance companies are not providing discounts for ADAS vehicles. AAA says that the average repair bill for an ADAS vehicle is double that of other cars.

Accident victims can seek out a lawyer

Whether or not ADAS can protect you in the future, the important thing right now might be seeing if you can pursue a personal injury case to be compensated for the injuries you sustained. During a consultation, a lawyer may address your concerns and determine how strong of a case you have. If hired, the lawyer may pursue compensation for you, including negotiating on your behalf with the auto insurance company.

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