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CVSA says 2020 Brake Safety Week to be held August

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Firm News

Every year, in the effort to enforce brake safety regulations for truck drivers, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds an inspection spree called Brake Safety Week. Truckers in Washington should know that it is scheduled for August 23 to 29, 2020. August happens to be Brake Safety Awareness Month, so law enforcement agencies will be highlighting the need for proper brake maintenance and performance to drivers, fleets and mechanics.

During the 2019 Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of the trucks that were inspected were given out-of-service orders. Brake-related issues are, unfortunately, widespread. The CVSA also holds an annual International Roadcheck, and during the 2019 event, 45.1% of out-of-service violations were related to the brake system.

During the 2020 Brake Safety Week, inspectors will naturally check all components, but their focus will be on brake hoses and tubing. These components affect mechanical fitness a great deal, so inspectors will be making sure that they are undamaged, free from leaks, properly attached and not suffering from inflexibility.

Incidentally, truckers can find out what fleets are the most safety-minded via the “Best Fleets to Drive For” contest that the Truckload Carriers Association holds annually. Participants can also single out fleets for outstanding benefits and compensation, training and equipment. Brake safety may depend a lot on how fleets themselves view safety.

As for those who are in truck crashes, their main concern will be determining whether the other side was at fault. It may have been the truck driver’s fault, but the trucking company will likely be the one to face the claim. Most companies have a legal team that will fight against claims or try to force victims to settle for less in damages than they deserve. Victims may want a lawyer to help them file their claim.

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