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Washington traffic accident kills 2, injures 2

According to news reports, two pedestrians were killed and two were injured in an accident in Seattle, Washington. The accident occurred on Nov. 29 on Aurora Avenue.

Witnesses reported that a woman was speeding on Aurora Avenue when she lost control of her vehicle. Her vehicle reportedly careened off of the street, hitting a group of pedestrians on the sidewalk. The crash’s impact was forceful enough that the vehicle flipped over, and the engine flew into a nearby yard. A witness on a city bus stated that the female driver crawled out of the car and tried to run away. The witness was able to exit the bus and chase the woman. When the police arrived, the witness told the police that she was hiding in some bushes.

Law enforcement officers investigated to determine whether the woman was driving under the influence of drugs. She reportedly failed to complete a turn from Aurora Avenue onto North 39th Street. Three people were transported from the scene to Harborview Medical Center, but one later died. A fourth person was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pedestrians do not have anything to protect themselves from the physical force of a traffic collision. When a car strikes a pedestrian, the latter is much more likely to suffer severe injuries. Someone who has been hurt by a negligent driver may want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. The attorney might determine liability and assess the merits of potential claims. If necessary, legal counsel may conduct in-depth investigations into the accident. This could place the plaintiff in a stronger negotiating position when they are fighting for a fair settlement offer.

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