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How to avoid pedestrian accidents

Many people in Washington choose to walk for health reasons and to simply get to where they need to go. When people walk, they need to take proactive measures to ensure that they remain safe. Pedestrians who are involved in motor vehicle accidents are much likelier to sustain catastrophic injuries or to be killed.

The National Safety Council reports that more than 16% of traffic fatality victims in 2017 were pedestrians. Pedestrians can do several things to protect themselves from becoming victims. People who are walking should avoid listening to headphones or using their smartphones while they walk. They need to remain alert to their surroundings and traffic at all times.

Pedestrians should never cross at the mid-block area of streets and should always cross at crosswalks. If crosswalks are not available, they should cross the street at intersections after looking both directions. Pedestrians should also avoid walking while they are under the influence, and they should wear brightly colored clothing so that they will be more visible to motorists. When they are walking in residential areas, they should watch for people backing their vehicles out of driveways.

Collisions involving pedestrians can be devastating for everyone who is involved. People who suffer serious injuries in pedestrian accidents might consider filing civil lawsuits to recover compensation for their losses. An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer may be able to assess what happened and explain whether a claim has merits. If the attorney accepts the case, he or she might handle everything on behalf of his or her client so that the client can concentrate on his or her recovery. An attorney may secure a fair settlement offer from the insurance company that fairly compensates his or her client. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, the attorney might file a formal lawsuit and litigate for the client through the court process.

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