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Truck accidents can have many different causes

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2019 | Truck Accidents

An accident between a large truck and a passenger vehicle can be a deadly event. When an Edmonds resident is involved in a collision with a semi or other large commercial vehicle they may suffer serious injuries that impact the long-term quality of their life. Recovering from a truck accident can be a time consuming and expensive process and victims can decide to sue for their damages to aid them in their recovery pursuits.

Knowing how to plead a truck accident case can depend greatly on why the accident happened in the first place. There are a number of different causes of truck accidents and not all possible causes will be discussed in this post. Readers should always speak with their own personal injury attorneys to determine how best to address their pending legal claims.

Truck accidents can be caused by driver mistakes and inadequate training. Trucks take longer to stop and need more space to turn than standard vehicles, and drivers who fail to account for these requirements can cause damaging collisions. Additionally, truck drivers who drive longer than is safe based on their sleep and break schedules can put others in danger if they become exhausted behind the wheels of their rigs.

Truck accidents can happen when drivers misload their cargos, when truck companies prioritize speed over safety, and when any number of other factors comes into play on Washington roads. Truck accidents can be compensable events for Washington residents and victims deserve to be educated about their rights to recover. They can always contact their trusted personal injury attorneys for more information about their possible truck accident cases.

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