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Burns are a serious threat to personal injury victims’ health

Most Washington residents have made the careless mistake of grabbing something hot when they were distracted. More than a few people have taken hold of pot handles only to remember that the dishes were just over heat. Those individuals may suffer pain on their palms and blisters that bother them for a few days, but, in general, those minor singes of their skin will heal and allow them to fully live their lives.

Not all burns are minor. In fact, burns can be catastrophic injuries that can disable individuals for the rest of their lives. It is important to understand how burns are classified and the problems that may develop as a result of burn occurrences.

Burns are classified based on their severity and their severity depends on how deep the burns penetrate a burn victim’s skin. A first degree burn is one which only affects the top layer of a person’s skin and does not cause any blistering. A second degree burn goes a bit deeper and may raise blisters and pain.

Third and fourth degree burns are very serious. These burns can penetrate deep into the muscles of the body, leave permanent damage, severe scarring and constant pain. Severely burned skin cannot heal, and victims of severe burns may require long-term care to find any form of recovery. When a personal injury victim suffers a burn, their life may be changed forever. They may wish to learn more about their personal injury legal options after the trauma of suffering a catastrophic injury.

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