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What is “peripheral neuropathy”?

The human body is a complex set of systems that perform unique and life-sustaining functions. When one system is affected by illness or injury, Washington residents may feel its impact throughout their body. This fact is never truer than when individuals sustain damage to their system of nerves.

Nerves carry impulses throughout individuals’ bodies. When the brain sends a message out for the body to move, breathe or engage in any other type of function, that signal is carried to its intended location by nerves. The spinal cord is a long set of nerves that connect the brain to the rest of the body and, when it is damaged through an injury-causing event, widespread problems can result.

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when a person suffers damage to their nerves. It can manifest in many different ways because nerves undertake many different functions. For example, one person who suffers from peripheral neuropathy may lose feeling in the feet and extremities, while another victim of this sometimes debilitating condition may suffer from limitations on their ability to ambulate.

Although some individuals who suffer from peripheral neuropathy may be able to receive treatment for their conditions, not everyone who experiences this significant condition will be able to return to a normal life. A person who suffers a catastrophic injury at the hands of another person may suffer from this or another damaging long-term condition. Victims of catastrophic injuries will want to work to ensure that their legal rights are protected and they understand their options moving forward.

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