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What is a traumatic brain injury?

When the brain suffers an impact, penetration trauma or another serious contusion a traumatic brain injury may result. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild and remedy themselves over time, or a Washington victim may suffer the effects of a serious traumatic brain injury for the rest of their life. Although traumatic brain injuries can look different in different victims, this post will provide general information on what issues a traumatic brain injury victim may have to live with following their harm.

Traumatic brain injuries can have symptoms that impact the physical, mental, and sensory functioning of a person’s body. On a physical level, a person’s balance and coordination may be compromised or they may have pain, dizziness, or even a loss of consciousness. On a sensory level, a traumatic brain injury can cause a victim to suffer from blurred vision, light sensitivity, and ringing in the ears.

The mental effects of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating to some victims. Because of their affected conditions some individuals suffer from depression and anxiety while others suffer from serious mood swings. A victim of a traumatic brain injury may struggle to focus or concentrate, which may lead to frustration and anger about their situation.

The brain is the control center of the body and when it is hurt the effects can be felt in practically every part of the victim’s system. Getting medical help after a suspected traumatic brain injury is important to mitigate damage and to promote healing. Individuals can also seek the support of personal injury attorneys to learn more about how they may seek compensation from those who were responsible for causing their harm.

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