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Individuals have a duty to keep their properties safe

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Premises Liability

After living in a home for a period of time, a Washington resident may come to understand the unique quirks and characteristics of their residence. They may know which steps squeak when they are stepped on, or they may know where the floor bows and is not level. They may learn how to safely walk through hallways that are dark or not to use particular faucets that only produce hot water.

Living with defects in one’s home may become easy over time, but for a visitor to a new location learning all about the structure’s problematic issues can be difficult. When a visitor goes to a friend’s residence and is hurt due to a danger that is unknown to them, they may have rights to sue under premises liability law.

Premises liability actions are based on losses that occur due to damages sustained in property-based incidents. Slip and fall accidents, bumps and bruises and other injuries are common ways that victims are hurt by the latent dangers on other people’s property. Compensation is often available to individuals who are hurt due to the negligent management of their land and structures.

There are always exceptions to general rules. For example, trespassers may not be able to seek compensation for their losses since their presence on properties may not be anticipated by property owners. In order to best assess one’s rights to seek the recovery of their damages after a premises liability accident, victims should discuss their cases with personal injury attorneys. Lawyers in this field can give their clients case-specific advice on how to best address their needs.

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