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Paralysis can be a costly long-term condition

A Washington resident who has the full use of their body may rarely consider the costs and struggles that someone with paralysis may face as they fight to get through each day. Depending upon the type and severity of their paralysis, an individual may need to rely on the help and support of others for practically everything they do.

Paralysis is a condition that causes the victim to lose sensation in parts of their body because of an injury to their spinal cord. Depending upon where the victim’s injury occurs, different sections of their body may be affected by paralysis. Generally, the higher on the spinal cord that an injury occurs, the more of the body that may be affected by paralysis.

Paraplegia is the term given to individuals who are paralyzed in only two extremities, such as from the waist down and do not have the ability to move their legs. Tetraplegia is the term for individuals who have lost movement and sensation in their arms and legs. If a person’s paralysis is incomplete, they may retain some sensation in the affected body parts.

Losing the use of one’s legs and arms may mean that a victim will be dependent upon the care of others for the rest of their life. This can mean living in a care facility and enduring regular medical visits to protect one’s health. When spinal cord injuries and paralysis are caused by the negligence of others, individuals can seek help from attorneys to pursue their legal rights.

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