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Driver distractions come in many different forms

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Car Accidents

Cellphones are an incredible invention and have sped up the rate at which people can communicate and do their work; unfortunately, they have also given individuals handheld distractions that can cause them to lose focus while they are driving.

Driving distractions are not, however, limited to cellphones. Although texting and driving gets a lot of attention as a dangerous driving practice these days, other less technologically-focused distractions also create perils for Washington residents. This post will discuss some of those and what can be done to protect people from car accidents.

Driving while eating and drinking is a practice many people engage in and it may not seem terribly dangerous. However, a driver could drop something while they are on the road and try to recover it. That reach could take their eyes off the road and create a danger for them while operating their vehicle.

Also, talking to passengers may be a dangerous distraction for a driver. If that driver elects to turn around to face individuals in the back of their car or makes prolonged eye contact in a rear view mirror, they could quickly put themselves and their passengers in the path of an accident. Anything, from changing a radio station to feeling drowsy to putting on make-up, can be considered a driving distraction.

Cellphones are a source of distraction while driving. However, drivers should remember that other forms of distraction exist. By simply avoiding the desire to multi-task while driving, a person may be able to prevent a distracted driving accident from ever occurring.

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