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Assault Accusations Are Serious

Life can start to get complicated when an altercation gets out of hand. Depending on what happened during a disagreement, it may quickly go from a conversation to fighting and lead to an assault charge.

Facing an assault charge can be scary. If you are convicted, it could threaten your ability to work and see your children. Depending on the level, a conviction could also mean you may no longer own a firearm.

When you are charged with assault, you need to talk to an experienced attorney who can explain what to expect. The Law Office of James A. Conley offers a free consultation to help you understand what options you may have for dealing with an allegation of assault.

Consequences Of An Assault Conviction

No matter what your relationship is with the other person involved, if someone calls the police, it could mean trouble. Even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges, the prosecution may file charges against you, anyway.

If you are convicted of assault or aggravated assault, you could face consequences, such as:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Loss of permit to carry a firearm (either concealed or open)
  • Changes in child custody arrangements
  • Difficulty passing background checks

You will need someone to help you stand up for your rights and fight the charges against you. A lawyer who has experience in the Washington criminal justice system can help you create a strong assault defense to protect your name.

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If you have been accused of assault, we can help you plan the next during a free consultation. To make an appointment in our Edmonds office, contact us online or call 425-672-7150.