Alcohol is being blamed for a wrong-way crash on I-5 that killed one person and injured three others. The driver involved in the accident is facing a number of serious DUI-related charges.

The driver had traveled about six miles on I-5 when police say he slammed head-on into another vehicle. A witness estimated that the wrong-way driver was traveling about 90 mph at the time of the crash. The impact killed a passenger in the other car and injured another passenger and an infant in the back seat. The alleged wrong-way driver was also injured. Three other vehicles were struck by debris from the accident, but no additional injuries were reported.

Police stated that the wrong-way driver told an officer that he had a lot to drink. The trooper said that the man’s speech was slurred. Officers allegedly found open containers of alcohol in his vehicle. The man was charged with vehicular homicide DUI, driving with no ignition interlock and driving with a suspended license. If convicted, the man faces very harsh penalties because of his prior driving record. The man is alleged to have been convicted of alcohol-related driving violations on five prior occasions. He also has 10 prior “failure to appear” arrests since 2002.

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